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Making A Killing From Day 1

What's happening everyone, Luke Maguire & Anthony Morrison here.

For those that do not know us, besides for our bad jokes we are known for creating software & courses that put simply help people dominate online.

We both personally have a passion for helping others & more importantly turning individuals into 6-7 per year income earners. We are able to constantly do this by providing what is working RIGHT NOW in this extremely fast moving online marketing world, & right now Facebook LIVE is where it is at.

We are about to share with you EXACTLY how we are able to get YOU literally tens of thousands of targeted, engaged ORGANIC (yes, free traffic) fans to your SITES while creating a 5-6 figure a month business from Facebook LIVE, which put simply the number 1 Way to make money with Facbeook right now.

FACEBOOK LIVE Is The Worlds Fastest Growing Video Streaming Service

& Is What Is Going To Make You Money, It’s As Simple As That

Facebook Live is Facebooks brand new LIVE STREAMING network allowing you to share stories, content, events and information LIVE to your audience in THEIR news feeds.

Not only that, the viewer can see & engage with users who are watching the stream live. You literally use your phone & people can watch & engage you LIVE wherever you are & start to monetize instantly.

Facebook Live Streams are watched THREE TIMES as long as any other video & with Facebook LIVE being the fastest growing live streaming service in the world, it’s something YOU need to be on right now.

With Twitter purchasing Periscope for 100 million in 2015, Snapchat live being a go to Social Media tool for marketers & other live streaming services like twitch, blab, youtube LIVE & even Webinars popping up everywhere I noticed people AND brands were growing like crazy but more importantly, these brands and individuals were making some serious BANK.

Not only that, the statistics of Facebook users on other external social LIVE streaming apps was HUGE, so it made sense for Facebook to
launch their own streaming service.

Celebrities, marketers & local business's worldwide have been using Facebook LIVE to share content AS IT HAPPENS. Think of Webinars, but for FREE. We noticed marketers & every day people using this LIVE feature in MANY different ways.


I first remember seeing Dwayne the ROCK Johnson do a LIVE cast literally
getting THOUSANDS of fans online engaging with the live stream like wildfire & thought WOW what a great way to personally build repour with YOUR OWN audience.


I then noticed Mark Zuckerberg himself do a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of Facebook & Instantly thought how this could be used for local business’s toprovide immense value to their audience.

HOW TO’s & Q&A

I then dove DEEPER into this and noticed people were using Facebook Live for Q&A like Nancy here who has a Chalk Painting business and had
over 1.2k LIVE viewers on her stream.


I also noticed many individuals using Facebook LIVE for BREAKING NEWS posts that went VIRAL instantly, getting that user thousands of new subscribers, views and egagement not only while LIVE but
long AFTER the feed had finished.

Anthony & I INSTANTLY Saw a HUGE Opportunity Here

so we decided to rinse and repeat what was working for others and then try to MONETIZE our live feeds.

We then knew we were onto something here and then found out that Facebook actually REWARDS YOU for using Facebook LIVE, delivering it to your audiences NEWS FEEDS over other content (meaning you don’t even need to pay to ‘boost posts’ anymore… FB is ENCOURAGING you to use FB LIVE).

Statistics have also shown people view LIVE streams 300% LONGER then any other form of Video & the best part is Facebook LIVE NEVER deletes your video (unlike periscope & snapchat), meaning you can build up content FAST, edit the streams RIGHT AFTER & even advertise the live stream to an external market.

I Then Started My VERY First Facebook Live

Doing a morning walk & simply talking about what was on my mind that day and let my friends on my personal profile ASK me questions & talk about what I was up to… I received over 1 thousand views, 65 comments, 56 likes & solidified relationships with my target market. Not only that I sent users to a SALES PAGE at the END of the stream which resulted inover $1,200 in sales INSTANTLY.

Anthony Then Came In And Started Providing LIVE Training

To one of my Facebook Groups, encouring subscribers to answer questions, take notes & LEARN… He also even did a review of his desktop setup of what he personally uses to run his business & then leaving a CALL TO ACTION at the end of it for a webinar training which made over $120,000 In sales.

At this point we found out we were not only able to edit our videos thumbnails, content, promote it out to external sites, embed it on our own sites & even add links to our videos, we found views and engagement came in for a LONG time after (I’m talking weeks).



Facebook Live allows you to live stream in your profile, fan page, or groups. The issue is that when you go live in 1 location that is the ONLY location you can go live in.

What does this mean? Well your not only missing out on thousands and thousands of viewers daily, but also losing a LOT of money.


It made me think, what if I could have my live stream instantly syndicate across ALL of my Fan pages, groups & even external social media platforms the second I go ‘live’.

Imagine being able to literally select multiple Facebook Fan pages, Groups & profiles instantly, connect your twitter, linked in email list & even SMS list so the second I go live my live stream is syndicated to EVERY social channel alone with having my email & SMS list informed I am live making them go VIRAL EVERY SINGLE TIME.

More importantly, what If I could then MONETIZE these LIVE streams while watching thousands of users flooding in to view my feed from all over the internet.

Well after being told it can’t be done,
We created the worlds first Facebook LIVE
syndication tool that simply just works..

Here are some of the results.

But most importantly you can instantly build your email list, Increase your fans/following & monetize this, Your Audience don’t just see it while you are LIVE, but AFTER your video has finished too…


Instantly sync your pages, groups and external social channels live on your device or computer, follow the A-Z spoon fed training & watch your LIVE STREAMS go viral instantly.

Start Getting Thousands Of Viewers
In Literally 60 Seconds…
it’s just that simple.

Live Leap is the worlds ONLY Facbeook LIVE Tool that will OPEN THE FLOOD GATES to organic viral traffic onto your live stream.

What Live Leap Do?

Worlds First FB Approved Tool to Syndicate Your Live Feed Across Facebook

The moment you go live, Live leap will post your live feed direct to your chosen fan pages, facebook groups and profiles instantly to ensure you get the MOST viewers on LIVE.

Exponentially grow your LIVE
Feed by Thousands Instantly.

Live Leap enables you to not only spread your live feed to unlimited fan pages and groups, we also give an option to upgrade to share to external social networks, email, and sms.

Worlds First Email

The moment you go live you can have Live Leap email your entire email list letting them know you are live and the topic of conversation. We have also integrated with twillio so you can even text message your subscribers to let them know!

Track Your Analytics &

Just like webinars, people come and go. Live Leap is the first tool that shows you the most engaging parts of your live & what you can work on in future.

Set & Forget

Simply select your pages and social networks and close live leap, it’s as simple as that! Whenever you go live it will trigger Live Leap in the cloud & do all the work for you!

Monetize Your
LIVE Calls Instantly

We track the users who have engaged with your live calls so you can follow up with them POST stream & include strategies on how to monetize your live feed!

MAKE A 5-6 FIGURE Income With Your LIVE FEED Attendees Instantly

Live Leap allows you to ensure you get the MAXIMUM
amount of user onto your live feed allowing you to then
send them to any target site of your choice.

Watch thousands of users come flooding in to your feeds

Because Live Leap connects your Live Feeds to
multiple traffic sources instantly, your feed is
naturally seen by more people, engaged with by
more people and shared by more people,
boosting your reputation, brand, service, affiliate
product or persona through

Syndicate With As Many Fan Pages As You Like!

Syndicate With As Many Fan Pages As You Like! Simply click the groups you want, go live from your
profile & your live feed will go LIVE on all selected fan

Syndicate Instantly With Facebook Groups

With just 1 click add any Facebook Groups you have tothe list of places you will go LIVE in!


We have put together the worlds leading Facebook LIVE training showing you A-Z how to use Facebook Live to it’s fullest, how to think and find content to discuss, how to ensure you get the most people on, how to be confident ON camera & most importantly how to monetize Facebook LIVE.

Launch Week Only


Many of you know Anthony and Luke are masters at video marketing and have included this bonus training for launch week only. They will show you how to:

  • How to stream your desktop instead of your phones camera
  • How to create a FB LIVE ‘Webinar’ Event.
  • Tips & Tricks to setting up your first LIVE streams
  • Basic training on how to grow viral fan pages & FB Groups.
  • The #1 FB LIVE training strategy to get you instant results.

Secret ‘SCREENSHARE’ Training & software (This is HUGE)($297 VALUE)

This secret training & software lets you finally stream direct from your computer instead of your mobile device. Until now you could only go live on a mobile device, but we are going to show you how you can go live for FREE by sharing your computers
screen instead of your smart phones camera. This enables you to do Facebook LIVE Webinars, tutorial trainings on a topic, share videos on your computer, post links directly and even walk users through your CHECKOUT page.

Launch Week Only

VIP Facebook Group

You get access to our VIP Facebook LIVE LEAP
group where you will be able to connect
personally with other like minded marketers all on
the SAME Facebook LIVE
journey. This is where we will help you DAILY, Q&A,
provide new updates &
be there for you 24/7.

NOTE: This is a launch week bonus as we have a set program we will be taking you through here & only want those with the same vision a part of this :)


100% set & forget With ZERO restrictions

You only need to log in once, set your settings up and you are done for life (unless you want to change ofcourse). You can sync UNLIMITED groups & pages, it’s that simple.

The worlds only Facebook LIVE approved third party app

We have a very good relationship with Facebook & have been able to get permissions from Facebook that most are unable to get.

24/7 LIVE Support

We pride ourselves on having our support desk as professional as the products we create so if you have ANY issues please let me know

External Social Media Syndication

We give you the option to share your LIVE FEED to your external social networks (linked in, twitter, Email & even SMS).

LIVE Comments Manager

We also will be giving you the option to get our comments manager which will allow you to syndicate all your comments into ONE single dashboard for easy tracking, replying & responding.


We not only are giving you as a bonus for launch week a FULL FACEBOOK LIVE training course mentioned above but will also be giving you the opertunity to get our inner circle Fan page & group building training showing you how to build multiple 6-7 figure fan pages 100% FREE.

Live Leap - Lite
Live Leap
Live Leap - Basic

14 Day Money
Back Guarantee

This is why if in the first 14 days you don't like the software for whatever reason or decide you want the money back to go buy that new shirt instead, I'll give you ALL your money back with my 100% money back guarantee.

To top this off, if you use this software for 60 days, work with our support team & myslef personally & STILL don't get any results, I will DOUBLE your money back. You won't see this deal from any marketer ever.

This literally makes it a risk for you not to try!


Live Leap - Lite
Live Leap
Live Leap - Basic


Still reading huh! That's okay, I know it can be intimidating purchasing a new product & deciding if it's for you. I've purchased many products that either just sit in my downloads gathering dust or don't work. Remember though I'm so sure that this will work for you that if it doesn't I will give you a full refund within 14 days and will even DOUBLE your money back if you don't get ANY results after 60 days of working with me and the team personally. You seriously have nothing to lose, so click that order button and let's get you some results!


You have two options now, you can either leave here and wonder "what if" OR you can take me up on this lifetime licence, launch bonuses, a risk free double your money back refund policy AND start making a killing with me inside the members area in just a few minutes. I'm looking forward to meeting you so hit the buy button now & I'll personally connect with you on the next page!